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Fragments of thought

Anna B. the Greek
17 May 1988
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Name: Anna.

RL status: Active.

LJ status: Mostly inactive, with the occasional f-list catch-up and comment.

Friends: Can count on her for anything they might need - she's just a comment away.

F-locked posts: Are the norm for the time being.

Friending: Open for people who are actually interested in making an effort.

Unfriending: Understands and accepts it (but would like to be told the reason for it).


Other information:

- Speaks (writes) mostly (read: 99% of the time) in English, not distinguishing between "simple" or "fancy" vocabulary, British or American, and occasionally using chatspeak/memespeak/capslock to express intense emotions, or for fun. Will also use Greek, Spanish, French and Norwegian (in arguable order of fluency).

- Refers to soccer as football, what with being European and all.

- Used to be a bookworm and computer-addict (which included video games, chatting and fanfic, among other things). Now dedicates most of her time at work, household chores, and dancing (in ascending order of preference).

- Thinks today's music sucks for the most part, although will listen to mainstream radio for the songs that don't. Cherishes deeply her 90's pop CDs and still enjoys them, adores ballads of any genre (particularly if there's guitar involved), and has an unexpectedly soft spot for good metal - in fact, likes to call herself 'a metalhead at heart'.

- Believes in God, science, and Murphy.

- Is a spoilerphobic. Kindly do not spoil Prison Break beyond S3, and House M.D. beyond S4.

- Adores all things sparkly, and often experiences what is called 'distracted by teh shiny' in real life.

- Has not listed interests due to finding listing stuff as "music" and "books" too mundane. Tries to compensate for it by writing an interesting and easy-to-read bio, although sometimes doubts it is possible to do that when most sentences lack a subject.


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